Internet Email Cyberscoring & Security

Analyze,  Secure  and get Instant Cyberscore on all your inbound business emails

The #1 all-in-one email security solution hardening the weakest link.

Why LetzRelay-MX?

Statistics emphasize that 85% of security failures involve the human element

Phishing and business email compromises are by far the most common initial attack vector
(More than 90% with a 400% increase year-over-year!)

The success rate of phishing attacks is tremendously increasing, this clearly indicates the limits of traditional solutions.

Artificial Intelligence powered solution

We have developed a robust, secure and affordable solution to all organizations, whatever their size.

The email security solution fully supports Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 or any standard email server technology.
No software installation is required.

LetzRelay-MX works with Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 and your own mail server

LetzRelay-MX is more than a technical cloud solution: It comes along with a 24/7 security service to supervise and monitor your platform.

How does it make the difference?

LetzRelay-MX Cyberscores

Cyberscores are instant, clear & accurate indicators providing immediate information on received emails.
No doubt, no confusion, they are understandable by all.

Dangerous links and/or attachments are deactivated anyway. No risk for your business, no stigmatization of users   ➔   Security.

Report of holistic analysis is automatically embedded in order to explain the results to the end-users   ➔   Education.

Flexible & cost effective plans

Many subscription plans are available, from Xtra Small to Xtra Large. There is certainly one that fits your organization's size.

Trial Plan is also available to allow you testing without commitment (Limited time and options - No credit card nor DNS configuration required).

Flexible payment options

PayPal payment
Bank wire transfert payment
Bank Wire Transfer
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